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Welcome to my homepage. I am a graduate student Artificial Intelligence at the Univerisity of Amsterdam.

I'm currenty interning at Scyfer where I am writing my masterthesis. My thesis will be published online and I will follow up with a blogpost at the Scyfer blog.

In the meantime you can find some of my work here, or at:

Recent Work

Find some of my recent reports and repositories below.

2016 Keras Neural Graph Fingerprint

During an internship at the Keiser lab at the UCSF (University of California, San Francisco) I developed this framework to build various architectures of Graph Convolutional Networks, and run them on GPU.

2016 Technologically assisted systematic reviews in empirical medicine

Exploratory study in cooperation with Cochrane to investigate the effects of Information Retrieval improvements in the mission of total recall in empirical medicine.

2016 Recurrent Neural Networks for Question Answering.

Group report, investigating the performance of Recurrent Neural Networks with several network architectures on the bAbL question answering task.

2016 A Non-parametric Bayesian Model for Word Segmentation.

Group report, using a Gibbs sampler and a Dirichlet Process for unsupervised word segmentation.

2015 Track Plot

Interactive annotation tool, useful for tracking an object's size over time.

2015 Classification and visualisation of politeness.

Group report, investigating politeness classification using data-oriented parsing, and word count features.

2013 The effect of alpha stimulation of the visual cortex on visual search efficiency.

Bachelor thesis, investigating the effect of electrical cortical stimulation on visual attention in humans.

2013 Visual Echos of Iconic Memory.

Honours thesis, research proposal. Examining the electrical dynamics behind visual working memory.

2012 Visual stability: Spatiotopic maps or transsaccadic remapping?

Literature analysis about the mechanisms behind consistency in visual perception across eye-movements.

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